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Spas in Granada

Lanjarón Spa Return

Lanjarón Spa

Come discover a genuine mineral water Spa the Balneario de Lanjarón - a perfect spot where six different natural springs of natural healing mineral waters will help you unwind, feel healthier and calmer.

Six mineral-medicinal waters: Capuchina, Salud II, Capilla, Salud I, San Vicente, El Salado.


Mineral water Spa therapies, featuring “El Salado” mineral-medicinal water: Thermal Bath: simply immersion or thermal Jacuzzi-style bath, Thermal Shower: Circular or jet Pressure Shower; Steam Room; Respiratory treatments: aerosols, pharyngeal sprays, nasal douches; Hand bath and Foot bath.


Dynamic swimming pool: with lumbar jets and cervical waterfalls all in a saline mineral water pool; Walking on rounded stones – a circuit with a walking route over rounded stones, while from the walls, various water jets spray you with mineral waters – to calm and refresh you at the same time.

OTHER TREATMENTS: Sauna. Hands-on Body massages (20 or 45 minutes). Relaxing quiromassage. Pressotherapy. Foot reflexology. Manual lymphatic drainage. Short wave. Thermal beauty treatments. Mud wraps. Medical check-ups.

SPECIFIC TREATMENT PACKAGES: For further information, please contact,. We’d be delighted to show you our personal touch


Including: Mineral water Spa thermal bath. Hands-on relaxing massage. Waterfall thermal shower. And relaxation area. With our own San Vicente mineral water with a touch of lemon.



Alhama de Granada Spa Return

Alhama de Granada Spa

Situated 850 metres above sea level, this spa hotel has a fantastic countryside location surrounded by trees and mountains and bordered by a river.

The Balneario de Alhama de Granada offers good facilities at an affordable price. Rooms are fully equipped with private bath, TV, and air condition. On the property there is a restaurant, garden, parking, café and terrace.

Beautifully surrounded by nature, it is the perfect place to relax and benefit from the thermal waters.

Guests have free access to the swimming pool.


Alicún de las Torres Spa Return

Alicún de las Torres Spa

Cerca de la convergencia de los ríos Fardes y Gor, se encuentra el Balneario de Alicún, un auténtico oasis en medio de las tierras desérticas de la zona. Los restos arqueológicos que se hallan en sus cercanías, aportan a la estancia un atractivo muy singular.

APERTURA: 16 de Febrero al 20 de Diciembre

PROXIMIDADES: Cercano al acueducto natural formado durante siglos por las precipitaciones de las sales contenidas en las aguas. Próximo a dólmenes y otros restos de origen histórico y al balneario Guadix

INDICACIONES: Afecciones del aparato locomotor, respiratorio, circulatorio y nervioso. Transtornos ginecológicos y digestivos. Estrés. AGUAS: Sulfatadas, bicarbonatadas, cálcico-magnésicas, nitrogenadas y radiactivas.


TÉCNICAS: Baños de inmersión, chorros, baño de vapor, hidromasaje subacuático, aplicaciones de lodo, inhalaciones, masaje manual, electroterapia y rehabilitacón en piscina.


Graena Spa Return

Graena Spa

Located north of the province of Granada and surrounded by a spectacular mountainous landscape, Cortes and Graena open its doors to the visitor to offer them its spa,a beautiful place already appreciated by Romans and Muslims:

The Spa of Graena and its waters, have been since time immemorial. However, the spa became recognised for all its properties and began to expand during the Arab period.

The inhabitants of the Middle Ages already knew the beneficial effects that these waters had for the treatment of certain ailments and diseases, and also used it a a relaxing place to visit.