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District of "Costa Tropical de Granada"

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Costa Tropical de Granada

Granada's splendid coastline stretches from Malaga to Almeria. The area of the Granada coast is the most densely populated in the province. It is protected by mountain ranges to the north and kissed by soft winds from North Africa and the warm waters of the Mediterranean, providing a microclimate unique in Europe, giving rise to the name "The Tropical Coast."

The kindness of the climate allows one to sunbathe in comfort on the beaches at all times of the year. With more than 320 days of sun per year and an average temperature of 20ºC it is a blessed spot. The coast consists of a succession of coves and promontories resulting from the mountains which surround the sea.

This region has been occupied since antiquity. It was coveted by all civilations which then settled here including the Phoenicians, Romans, Muslims and Christians. It is possible to see archaelogical remains of great interest, mainly in Almuñecar (the site of ancient Phoenician town of Sexi ) and Salobreña.

The village of the interior offer tranquility, with the added value that they are only a few kilometres from the coast.

Almulecar, Motril and Salobreña are the main places with lovely coarse sand beaches and clear waters where one does not suffer overmuch from the overcrowding which affects other places along the coast.

Five kilometres from Almuñecar is La Herradura which is one of the best dive sites in the area.

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Gastronomy Costa Tropical de Granada

The maritime tradition forms the basis of the local gastronomy, with a great variety of fish and shellfish allowing one to enjoy barbecues and skewered fish in the restaurants and beach bars on the many beaches. Also we should take into account the exotic fruits and vegetables of the interior with which rich salads are made. All are accompanied by the fruity wines of the area and finished of with a pastry made with the tropical fruits of the area.

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Festivities Costa Tropical de Granada

Almuñecar Fair in the middle of August, in honour of the Virgen de la Antigua, patron saint of Almuñecar. For a week there are different fun activities, as well as cultutal and sports events during the day and in the evening, with lots to do for both adults and children. The fair ends on the 15th of August with a procession bearing the patron followed by a firework spectacular.

La Herradura Fair takes place on the 19th of March, coinciding with the festival of the patron saint, San José and lasts the whole weekend. The fair takes place by the sea, in the Paseo Andrés Segovia.

Fiesta de San Juan: the majority of towns on the Andalucian coast celebrate the night before St John's day on the beach. On this night everyone sleeps on the beach after having taken part in the rituals of this traditional nighttime fiesta.

Fiesta of the Fishermen takes place in celebration of the Festival of the Virgen del Carmen on the 16th of July. As well as a procession of boats just after sunset, there are different sports, cultural and fun events organised during the whole weekend.

The Fiesta of the Custard Fruit (Fiesta de la Chirimoya) recognises the festival of the Virgen de Pilar on 12 Octuber and lasts for three days, usually over the weekend.