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District of "Altiplano de Granada"

District of "Altiplano de Granada" Return


This area of Granada is situated to the north of Granda at an altitude of one thousand metres, between the provinces of Jaen and Almeria, covering fourteen municipalities and offering an area of contrasts between mountains, pastures some like oases and a great flat plain in the central part, a reminder of the presence of a huge lake millions of years ago.

The Altiplano has great ecological value, with nature reserves such as the Sierra de Baza and the Sierra de Castril. This natural environment is ideal for active tourism such as para-gliding and climbing.

The area is full of interesting archaelogical remains and for its famous cave-houses now used for rural tourism.

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Important findings credited the area as the place populated by the oldest humans in Europe ( Ecro Man ).

The Iberian Culture developed in the area between the fourth and third centuries B.C. The city of Basti (Baza), was an important centre as shown by the discovery of the Lady of Baza ( IVc to IIIc. B.C.), one of the emblems of the Iberians found in the Cerro del Santuario and now in the National Archaelogical Museum.

The remains of Islamic Civilisation are to be found in places such as Benamaurel and Castilléjarm where you can see the caves of the poor of Andalucia. You can also discover the Alcazaba de Baza and its barrio of Santiago, the old Jewish sector in whose narrow streets you can breathe the Muslim heritage, or the Kasbah of the Seven Towers of Orce. After the Christian reconquest new settlers from the north arrived, mainly from the kingdom of Navarra, with different customs and cultures which enriched the area, building temples and churches.

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To be mentioned are Segureño lamb de Orce, the home-dried meats matured in caves, or the dishes with a Navarran influence from Puebla de Don Fabrique. We must also mentioned the renowned traditional pastries of the province, such as olive oil cakes, butter and fresh wine cakes, tarts of angel-hair and wine cakes.

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Baza is renowned for its craftwork industry and for making string instruments, artistic woodwork and items made from esparto grass. Orce is known for its basketwork, delicate lacework and embroidery. Other craftwork from the area are stone and marble workshops, ironwork and the traditional glassware from Castril.